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Perfect Detail And Accuracy Even On Complex Stitch Designs

When it comes to embroidery digitising, we always deliver the highest quality results.

Even when it comes to small lettering and highly-detailed designs, where other providers struggle. Best of all? With our FREE TruStitch preview, you get stitch quotes that mean you can accurately quote your customers before you order. So, all of your embroidery digitising service needs are taken care of!

No hidden extras. Full transparency!

Unlike a lot of companies in the business, we don’t add a per-thousand-stitch surcharge to our quotes. We also don’t charge extra for 3D Puff/ 3D Foam embroidery designs or for quality edits. Simply upload your artwork and you will get an accurate quote. No uncertainty on man-hours, no guesswork on per-thousand-stitch pricing. This is where quality meets economy!

Our ‘from’ prices aren’t some fantastical, unachievable cheap price. They cover the majority of our embroidery digitising services. Our pricing is totally transparent! Larger, more complex designs require more work and will cost a few more pounds.

We believe in providing the best quality product for your business. Embroidery digitising can be achieved in two ways: manually working on each design or letting the software configure it on its own. The former takes time, effort and skill while the latter takes just a few clicks. But what happens is, that the “automatically” digitised embroidery design will have tons of errors, unnecessary trims and thread breaks! An overall low-quality result. It may you less for the embroidery digitising. But more on your machine when you’re splitting hairs about what went wrong!

What sets us apart is that we treat every design the same and try our best to deliver the best, no matter how simple or complex! Our digitisers work hard to make their next design their best!

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We have strict quality check process. Each design has to pass different phases of quality check before it reaches to you.

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