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Applique embroidery
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Applique embroidery

Applique embroidery is a type of embroidery that uses fabric in place of large fill background.There are three methods for embroidering these appliques. The first method is by hand, which is tedious and time-consuming.  The STEP 1 ). the machine first does a guide stitch outline of the area that you need to lay the applique on – The machine will stop and trim so you can complete this step STEP 2) After this the machine will then do a running and a zig-zag stitch to bind the applique fabric to the garment – after that, there is one more stop and trim – So you can then take a curved scissor and cut carefully on the outside of the stitched line so that you are essentially trimming away all the extra fabric – what is left is the shape of applique filled in with the fabric- STEP 3)You then restart the machine and it will do a wide satin stitch on the outline thereby covering all the untidy edges and the end result is a design with fewer stitches with an extra dimension added in terms of the applique fabric 

The second method is laser-cut applique digitising which can trim down production time and make the process more affordable for large orders – In this method, you order laser cut – to shape applique from a third party supplier using an applique cut file provided by us. Now you do away with the step 2 completely 

the third method is when you use Madeira applique fabric – In this case, you only need step 1 as the spare cloth can then be torn away from the edges.

When it comes to ordering digitising for applique embroidery you need to mention what type of applique method are you going to use for your production.

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