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Our Story

Our core team has been in the embroidery industry for more than 34 years. Back in the day, it was called ‘punching’, a method that involved embroidering designs manually on a big digitizing board. Times have changed, and we have access to vast, innovative IT technology. Over the decades, we’ve been associated with tens of thousands of companies within the industry, and we’re fortunate to have gained a major insight into the different aspects of embroidery.

We’ve been up close and personal with the different high-street and manufacturing brands, designing logos and embroidery badges and helping them to meet their product branding needs.

Our Design department has digitised over a million embroidery designs to date. This has given us a greater knowledge and first-hand experience of all aspects of the clothing industry. From being a part of the manufacturing industry to be a design service provider, we’ve worked closely with all aspects of business manufacturing, supplying, branding, promotions etc. This experience goes into Netdigitizing, where each design benefits from our expertise, support and logistics.

We’re not a ‘typical’ commission agent who sources and imports cheap badges. We study the badges and decide on the correct technique and product for your brand and your logo or design. We have a first-rate team who are responsive, experts in their field, know their industry and can deliver the order fast and to your exact specifications. This results in you getting that perfect embroidery badge or a great looking woven badge.

As Netdigitizing has been around for 34 years now, we know what’s possible and how to work within the limitations of embroidery. Our artwork team can quickly vectorise amazingly detailed artwork that helps us create intricate woven badges.

We have amazing customer service, which means that you can discuss your ideas with our experienced staff. They can suggest ways and means of translating your logo into an embroidery badge or a woven badge, the correct badge borders, and badge backings.

Of course, when your artwork is followed by a digital mock-up and a physical/production sample, you can actually see your ideas taking shape in stitches, print, hi-tech material and woven threads.

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