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Terms and Conditions


NetDigitizing UK Ltd services are provided without warranty or liability for the use (or unavailability) of our services or the end-use of the files we deliver. In other words we simply provide digitized/ vectorized artwork – we are not responsible for any losses or liabilities arising from their use.

We also endeavor to provide an uninterrupted service and complete 99.9% of orders on time. But, in the unlikely event we cannot deliver on time, we accept no liability for any losses that you might incur.Extremely complicated designs may take up to 48 hours

Your part as a NetDigitizing UK Ltd customer

You are responsible for ensuring the designs, instructions and artwork you submit do not infringe the copyright or registered trademarks of others.

Specifying branding guidelines and ensuring they are met is also your responsibility. We will do all that we can (we encourage you to email us brand guidelines in advance) but cannot guarantee that, given the constraints of embroidery design, tightly prescribed branding guidelines can be matched.

We also reserve the right to refuse material that is deemed inappropriate or offensive (discriminatory, defamatory, libelous, obscene etc.) at our discretion.


With our fast turnaround times we begin work almost immediately upon receipt of your order. Cancelling within the first hour incurs no cost. After this time we reserve the right to charge for work undertaken.

Refunds and corrections

We aim for right-first-time. But if you are not satisfied with the result then we ask first for an opportunity to make revisions. We will ask you for appropriate information on any issues to help in their resolution.

If we cannot resolve the design to your satisfaction then you will of course receive a refund.

Hoverer the refund has to be requested within one month from the date of the original order

Online design storage

Your designs may be available to download for up to 3 years on the online system. However, we strongly advise you to download and keep your stitch files safe as we will not be responsible for any data loss that results in the deletion of designs.

Your Privacy

We keep your personal information secure. We never pass it onto any 3rd party unless you instruct us.

All designs submitted remain with the original copyright holder but we ask that we can include examples of our work to promote our service. You can, of course, instruct us otherwise and such material shall not be used.


like most websites we use cookies to help speed website loading time and improve the accuracy of our analytics. These do not collect any personal identifying information or have any scope outside the website. There is no impact on your privacy.

Billing and Payments

Our invoices are generated on the 1st of every month and they are due within 30 days of the date of the invoice unless specifically agreed otherwise with the customer.

n 16 March 2013, the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013 (“Regulations”) came into force.

The new rules are simple – debtors will be forced to pay interest and reimburse the reasonable recovery costs of the creditor, if they do not pay for goods and services on time (60 days for business and 30 days for public authorities).

A Users Guide To The Recast Late Payment Directive

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