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Why Netdigitizing's Professional Services Are  A Worthwhile Investment

Discover the Benefits of Outsourcing Design Services to Netdigitizing

Outsourcing your design services to a professional digitising company such as Netdigitizing delivers a wealth of advantages, including significant cost savings and access to quality work from seasoned designers. Creating vector files, a crucial part of professional digitising services can be labour-intensive, and not every client may be equipped to convert their JPGs into these formats themselves.

The Netdigitizing Advantage: Our Robust Online Order Management System

At Netdigitizing, we’ve elevated embroidery digitising services by making strategic investments in a sophisticated online order management system. This user-friendly platform eradicates the need for time-consuming email follow-ups and is a convenient tool for placing orders, requesting free piece quotes and stitch counts, downloading orders, and swiftly requesting amendments if required.

Ensuring Quality Work from Your Digitising Services Vendor through Effective Communication

Securing the best quality work from your digitising services vendor requires explicit feedback and detailed instructions. At Netdigitizing, we diligently maintain a record of each customer’s preferences and requirements, ensuring every job is executed satisfactorily.

The Importance of Detail for Embroidery Digitising and Vector Art

In the domain of embroidery digitising and vector art services, providing specific details is essential. For instance, specifying the fabric type for embroidery, the final size of the design, whether the logo will be on hats or flats, and what elements are to be included or excluded from the design are all key considerations. Similarly, for vector art, the substrate for printing and elements to include or exclude in the design should be indicated. With the advent of direct-to-film and direct-to-garment printing, many customers simply require a high-resolution image without a background.

Navigating the Price Spectrum of Digitising Services

While cheap digitising services may seem appealing, it’s vital to consider the quality of work you’re receiving. Often, these budget services can’t afford to pay their digitisers a fair wage, leading to slow turnaround times and potentially lower-quality work. In contrast, companies like Netdigitizing that consistently deliver high-quality designs will never be short of work. So, it becomes crucial to consider the true cost of a bad design. A poorly executed design not only wastes time and wages but also valuable machine time. Factor in the reputational cost in terms of delivery and quality, and the real cost of a subpar design becomes evident.

The Value of Partnering with Netdigitizing: A Leading Provider of Professional Digitising Services

Choosing a professional digitising services vendor like Netdigitizing, equipped with extensive experience, competitive pricing, reliability, and comprehensive services, guarantees the best quality work for your business. By trusting in our expertise and experience, your business can secure the digitising services it needs to achieve and maintain success.

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